Dr. Mit Desai started a general surgery practice specializing in acute care surgery in Tampa, Florida in the early 2000’s creating the foundation for what would later become The Surgicalist Group.  Founded in 2007, focusing on the emergent and urgent surgery services, Dr. Desai was motivated to provide a healthier balance for elective practice surgeons facing burnout.  The Surgicalist Group modeled a surgical hospitalist type practice, taking on only emergent and urgent cases for nearby hospitals.  The concept took off as hospital administrators began to see the widespread benefits of adopting The Surgicalist Group’s model, sparking interest nationwide.

Today, Dr. Desai has led The Surgicalist Group’s expansion to practices across the country, affirming the organization’s mantra of “The Smarter Way to Operate.”  Services have expanded from acute care surgery, to trauma, critical care, advanced wound care, and surgicalist advisory and management.

Dr. Desai graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a B.S with Honors in Microbiology in 1992 and Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1997. His residency was at UIC-MGH in Chicago, where he was the Chief Resident and Surgical Resident Teacher of the year. He received his certification from The American Board of Surgery in 2004 and re-certified in 2012. He was also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and has been for over 10 years. Dr. Desai has written numerous publications and received many awards for his achievements. Desai is the Principal/CEO of The Surgicalist Group.

Stewardship is important to Dr. Desai.  He is an active participant in Bandaid Foundation, providing charitable surgical services to patients in India.



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