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Your future

A Surgicalist is a surgeon who dedicates their scope of work to emergent or urgent care of patients in the ED, while foregoing an elective practice. Our Surgicalists are available 24/7 to take emergent or urgent surgery cases. This model allows for dedicated scheduling, translating to shorter wait times for patients, and better post-operative outcomes. Surgicalists offer an innovative approach to emergency surgery.

Work with Surgical Thought Leaders

We are surgeon-founded and led organization, doing this work for more than a decade. In fact, our CEO, COO, and CMO were some of the first Surgicalists in the country. We understand the ins and outs of the hospital and designed our practice model from the ground up. Over the years we’ve learned from our surgeons by listening to their ideas on ways to improve and we encourage the dialog. Being part of an organization led by surgeons has many benefits. First and foremost, our practice is collegial, and we stand by our surgeons.

Surgicalist Group for reclaim your purpose, your life

Reclaim Your Purpose, Your Life.

Your practice is demanding. Taking call upsets well-planned clinic days, elective surgery schedules, family events, and your quality of life. Becoming a Surgicalist can change all that.
Imagine having…

  • up to 26 weeks off and a flexible call schedule
  • and saying goodbye to 365/24/7 pressures.

You’ll do more of what you love and find a healthier work-life balance with The Surgicalist Group.

Our Team Culture

Our practice is built upon our core values of compassion, stewardship, innovation, and quality. We value our surgeon’s time and make their work easier and more efficient by providing contemporary, web-based tools that facilitate completion of operative notes, progress notes, consultation forms, documentation and coding, as well as conducting daily rounds.

  • Compassion
  • Stewardship
  • Innovation
  • Quality
The Surgicalist Group makes it easy for the team culture

A Typical Surgicalist Week – On and Off

Our approach is simple.

We are service-oriented and responsive. Typically, during your week “on” you will round on your patients, see new consults, and take urgent and emergent cases in the OR. When you’re on, you’re on, when you’re off, you’re off. Really off – no phone calls, no clinic, no worries. You’ll rest easy, knowing your partners are “on” and taking care of business. It’s that simple.

Investing in You

Our Chief Medical Officer has designed a curricula for our surgeons to be become the best Surgicalist possible – working smarter not harder. Through online courses in The Surgicalist Academy and coaching calls, you will learn from our CMO what it means to partner with our hospitals and community physicians to meet their specific objectives. Training spans a range of topics. Here’s just a sample of a few our Surgicalists find useful:

  • Implementing evidence-based protocols
  • Utilizing guides for operative and follow up notes
  • Streamlining patient care processes

We have your future in mind and invest in you to be the best Surgicalist possible.

Investing in you protocols
Surgicalist group innovating make difference

Innovating to Make a Difference

We pride ourselves at looking at challenges and innovating to create a smarter approach to acute care surgery. You may have ideas to help not only your practice but our other teams around the country. Working with our Chief Medical Officer, you will have the ability to participate in creating ways to improve our practice and drive performance improvements in clinical practice.

Interested in changing your life for better join surgicalist

Ready to make a
life-changing decision?
Become a Surgicalist.

After joining The Surgicalist Group, I have finally been able to practice General Surgery the way I envisioned and have had my love of the profession restored. This gives me more time for hobbies,exercise,mission trips, and more family vacations. Working 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, work-life balance has been amazing!

Bradley Hart, MD PhD, FACSSurgicalist

Before changing to the surgicalist model I was pulled in multiple directions that were never my desired job description. Since taking part my time is heavily concentrated on the aspects of the job that I became a surgeon for, like operating and walking families through difficult moments. I'm also able to be a multidimensional person with time to pursue other interests.

Aaron Roberts, DOSurgicalist

I was in private practice for 27 years and the last few years of private practice became more and more of a drudgery and was nearing burnout. Since joining The Surgicalist Group I have regained my enthusiasm for surgery and I don’t have to deal with the stress of managing the business aspect of medical practice. This style of practice has been very liberating and empowering for me. Joining The Surgicalist Group has probably been the single best career choice that I have ever made!

Michael Brooks, MD, FACSSurgicalist