What is a Surgicalist?


What is a Surgicalist?

A surgicalist is a surgeon, trained like any other surgeon with the same specialty. The difference lies in where and how they practice.

Surgicalists work only within a hospital and their practice centers on emergent/urgent care of patients, with no other patients outside of the ER. This allows for dedicated scheduling, and at a surgicalist-staffed hospital, there is always a surgicalist available to take emergent/urgent surgery cases. This translates to shorter wait times for patients, and better post-operation results. It’s simple: surgicalists are the newer, better way to provide emergency surgery to patients in need.

If you are a surgeon interested in becoming a Surgicalist Group surgeon, please call our offices at 888-510-1325 or email info@thesurgicalist.com


How it Works

Many surgeons experience burnout at some point in their career.

Managing both elective and on-call patient schedules leads to long hours, little free time, and a strain on health and well being. Many of the surgeons who join The Surgicalist Group are exhausted of the old surgical model, and desiring a better quality of life without giving up the career that is their passion.

How our method helps surgicalists find their desired work-life balance:

  • Acute care hospital surgery with no elective practice.
  • 7 days on-call, 7 days off.
  • Work 26 weeks a year, with a full 52-week salary.


With every other week off, our surgicalists always know that they have time off, and plenty of it. Their schedules are predictable, manageable, and filled with enough personal time that they may be active contributors to their hospital team and community, rather than exhausted members of an over-worked labor force. The difference is categorical, and the compensation is attractive. Packages are competitive with the industry standards. Our surgicalists have found our compensation and benefits packages enough to make it a swift and easy decision to leave elective practice behind, and join the new wave of acute surgical care at leading-edge hospitals across the country.



The benefit to our surgicalists comes down to a core principle: Better life through better practice. This central tenet is evident in the following benefits:

More Manageable Schedules

Our surgicalists experience scheduling benefits that are outstanding for the field. With a schedule of 7 days on-call/7 days off, surgicalists are able to pursue the career they desire without compromise to personal life. The predictability of the surgicalist schedule allows for ease-of-planning that works well with family and personal pursuits. Working only 26 weeks a year with full compensation and benefits means that vacations are a real possibility, and professional development travel is no longer off limits.

Attractive Compensation & Benefits

Our compensation and benefits packages are competitive for the field. However competitive, when these benefits are paired with the significant time off inherent in the surgicalist position, our packages go above and beyond. Each year our surgicalists receive a 52-week salary for a 26-week schedule. They find more opportunity to make the most of their surgeon’s salary, with the free time to pursue personal passions to excel in life and career.

Increased Quality of Life

Our surgicalists have found a path to work/life balance that is unmatched in the field. With 7 days on/7 days off, our surgicalists enjoy both work and personal life to a greater extent, because the two no longer conflict. The actual day-to-day work of surgicalists is also incredibly satisfying. Surgicalists are freed from the demands of elective practice and are now given the opportunity to serve patients in need every day. They are given exclusive access to cases that are frequently deemed low-priority despite high need. Surgicalists know they are making a difference because they are with patients every day, following up and giving continuity of care to patients who would otherwise be struggling to be seen.


Why Become a Surgicalist?

The surgicalist career path is an easy choice after gaining an understanding of the benefits.

Most surgeons are drawn to the career shift after practicing under the traditional elective/on-call combined model for years. They are acutely aware of the costs associated with pursuing this schedule long-term, but they do not want to give up practicing surgery. When it becomes clear that the surgicalist schedule allows for every other week off, with only 26 weeks a year committed to being on call, many surgeons are more than willing to give up their elective practice to have their life back.

The competitive compensation and benefits packages ultimately make the decision that much easier. Finally, after becoming a surgicalist and practicing under this innovative model, many surgeons find they actually enjoy the daily realities of the position. Surgicalists are able to dedicate their time to patients in need, and spend energy on improving their hospital community in a way that is frequently difficult when juggling the responsibilities of elective practice and call schedules. Surgicalists are not only able to be invested in their community with newly found free time, but they become invested members of their hospital team, improving the quality of their workplace through leadership pursuits and professional development.