Our unique model places a board certified general surgeon in your hospital emergency  department 24/7.

Emergency department for certified surgeons

Our unique model places a board certified general surgeon in your hospital emergency department 24/7.

While in the hospital, our Surgicalists integrate with the emergency room, operating room, and inpatient teams, streamlining patient flow at every step through the ED to the OR to discharge.

Our Surgicalists are not locum tenens.

Our Surgicalists are inpatient acute care surgeons, or sometimes may be referred to as surgical hospitalists. Our Surgicalists consider themselves a member of the hospital they serve and are dedicated to improving the care in the community. Unlike locum tenens, they are not a temporary solution to fill an acute care surgery need. Our surgeons are a part of your medical staff and will be involved in leadership committees as would any other medical staff physician.

Many hospitals seek surgical locum tenens to fill a gap in general surgery, acute care surgery, trauma surgery, critical care surgery, or advanced wound care before bringing on our Surgicalists. The value our Surgicalists bring to hospital partners extends beyond the capabilities of a locum tenens surgeon. We are vested in the success of our hospital partners, influencing efficiency and quality metrics improvements at every touchpoint.

Our Services

Acute Care Surgery

Our Surgicalist team is available to the entire hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take on emergent and urgent surgical cases. We can also expedite care
and patient placement without full-time availability to place central lines, dialysis catheters, and feeding tubes quickly. By delivering the right care, at the right time, we are raising the performance bar in the acute care surgery space.

Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care

You’ll rest easier knowing your hospital has a trauma and surgical critical care focused Surgicalist team ready to go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team can also prepare your hospital to advance to a higher level of trauma care, fix trauma service deficiencies, and avoid unnecessary transfers.

Advanced Wound Care

Surgicalists are well-suited to manage all aspects of wound care both in traditional hospital settings as well as at
long-term acute care hospitals. Our team has skills to
manage wounds with advanced wound dressings as well as operative intervention when necessary.

Surgicalist Advisors

Our Surgicalist leaders are experts in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness throughout the hospital, especially in OR and ED, identifying gaps and recommending solutions. In addition, our teams can conduct chart reviews to advise on the accuracy of coding and documentation, potentially identifying areas to improve revenue capture.

Surgicalist group Bridging the ED and OR

Bridging the ED and OR

With a 100% hospital presence – bridging all aspects of patient care from ED to OR and follow up, our Surgicalists act as ambassadors to hospital administration and are clinical leaders. For every hospital we serve, we evaluate workflows, communications, and processes and recommend strategies for improvement. Our approach leads teams through design thinking workshops and may include breakthrough methods, getting people to think outside of the box where well-entrenched workflows or behaviors seem impenetrable.

Smarter by Design

As surgeons, we recognize the influence we have on other teams within the healthcare ecosystem. When we implement our Surgicalist model, our hospital partners note the positive impact our team has on all operations, hospital wide. Based on evidence from multiple recent studies, we emphasize creating strong relationships with the local community of physicians and developing effective communication skills.

Our teams may also include an Advanced Practice Provider(APP) who works closely with our Surgicalists and hospital’s physicians. The APP transitions the patient back to their PCP for longitudinal management. With solid relationships in place, we consistently see a net positive impact on clinical measures ranging from…

  • Improving the patient experience of care
  • Shortening the length of stay
  • Decreasing wound infection rates
  • Decreasing readmission rates
smarter by design of surgicalist group
Innovating in Surgery

Innovation is part of the foundation on which The Surgicalist Group has built its outstanding reputation.

Innovating in Surgery

Unique designs to surgical practice and hospital support are ways The Surgicalist Groups sets the bar higher for surgical care.

Our practice is limited to inpatient surgery which enables us to…

  • Reduce delays in care
  • Improve time-to-treatment
  • Decrease complication rates
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions

Results Matter

When we partner with your hospital for Surgicalist services, we meet with hospital leadership, as well as the ED, OR, physician, and nursing leaders to set specific performance targets for the year. Depending on the hospital, our objectives may involve tackling performance improvement strategies, improving outcomes for: quality, efficiency, safety, utilization, patient experience of care, or improving cost of care.

Once we have a team in place and objectives have been set, we begin addressing performance goals. New processes are put in place and we begin measuring progress. We hold business reviews with hospital leadership to compare performance against our objectives.

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