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The Surgicalist Lifestyle

Surgicalist Group is a national organization

Better your life by joining us

The Surgicalist Group is a national organization, founded and led by surgeons since 2007. As the new arena of acute care surgery is growing, the career opportunities for general surgeons to practice solely as Surgicalists, without an elective practice, is expanding.

We offer challenging work in acute care surgery where our Surgicalists practice evidence based urgent/emergent general surgery, and trauma coverage.

  • Enjoy up to 26 weeks of vacation per year
  • Collegial work atmosphere
  • Freedom from the elective practice environment
  • Opportunity for leadership
  • Competitive compensation with benefits

You’ll have the ability to work with a group of forward-thinking, innovative clinicians making an impactful difference in the communities where we live and work.

Beyond General Surgery

In addition to the Surgicalist roles for acute care surgery, we also offer opportunities in trauma surgery, critical care, and long-term care providing advanced wound care, in addition to performing general surgery. Most of our programs also incorporate Advanced Practice Providers as part of the Surgicalist Team.

Surgicalist beyond the general surgery
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