Hospitals are experiencing lower than expected volumes in their emergency departments as patients’ fear of contracting the novel coronavirus remains high.  Many hospitals are taking advantage of these low service periods to adjust key workflow processes in efforts to improve quality and outcome measures. 

Low volumes in the emergency department (ED) – the “front door” to the hospital – are sweat-inducing to the hospital’s financial leaders, translating to low revenue and missed budgets.  When volumes dip, a shift in focus to efforts of improving quality can lead to improved metrics and higher revenue generation.  The Surgicalist Group works with hospital administrators and financial leaders to enhance ED throughput, directly reflecting in improved quality metrics and outcome measures, which generate additional revenue.

Implementing a new surgical call model with The Surgicalist Group directly impacts outcomes in patient safety, readmissions, patient experience, and effectiveness and timeliness of care.  The 24/7 dedicated surgicalist model expedites throughput from ED to OR to discharge, diminishing the risk of worsening conditions, improving timeliness of care and effectively providing treatment.  By eliminating the distraction of an elective practice, our surgicalists remain 100% focused on your hospital’s surgical patients.  More time spent in the OR encourages refinement of their skillset and efficiency, reducing the time spent in surgery leading to better surgical outcomes with fewer readmissions. Combined, patients have better care and a better overall experience.

The shift to value-based care places emphasis on the importance of quality and outcome measures. To increase reimbursements, hospitals have to show good or improved metrics in these areas, which must be represented in the hospital’s data.  The Surgicalist Group stresses the significance of accuracy in case capture while onboarding each of its Surgicalists. Detailed DRG code documentation can improve the hospital’s case mix index (CMI) and generate additional revenue from increased reimbursements – all from documenting appropriately.

For hospitals rethinking their budget strategy, adding a surgicalist model could be crucial in improving quality and outcome measures and generating new revenue streams.  See how The Surgicalist Group impacts these key areas.

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