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The Surgicalist Group Bands Together to Aid Humanity in India

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Tampa, Fla. (April 10, 2019) – Working with non-profit Band Aid Foundation, The Surgicalist Group Principal and CEO Mit Desai traveled to Vadtal, India with Dr. Imtiaz Shaik and Dr. Snehal Patel to provide charity surgical services.
“It was an honor and a privilege to make life-changing differences in a country where standards of care differ greatly. Procedures seen as simple and routine in the United States are life changing operations for individuals in other countries with underdeveloped healthcare systems,” said Desai.

The Band-Aid Foundation, a charity dedicated to serving humanity consists of volunteers that include healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, dietitians and dentists who are willing to provide services to those without access to medical care or preventative care education.

Dr. Desai and the surgical team performed several surgeries while in Vadtal, including circumcisions, hysterectomies, appendectomies and even an excision of a ganglion cyst.

“We came to help as many people as possible. Over the course of the week, we quadrupled the number of surgeries on-site that would have normally been performed,” said Desai.

TSG is planning another international mission trip through the Band-Aid Foundation for November2019.

The Band Aid Foundation believes that all people, regardless of their creed, caste, or financial status, have a right to live a healthy life. Their goal is to afford this right to life to as many people as they can.

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