Surgicalists Lower Cost, Improve Quality, Increase Satisfaction at Hospitals

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Dr. Mit Desai, Founder and CEO of The Surgicalist Group has been invited as a featured guest speaker with The Healthcare Solutions Project to discuss a new model to emergent and urgent surgery called The Surgicalist Model that ultimately lowers cost, improves quality, and increases satisfaction for its hospital partners.  

Mit Desai, MD, FACSThe Surgicalist Group’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mit Desai is a change agent in the approach on how urgent and emergent surgery is provided in the United States. He is popularizing the surgicalist model among hospitals, one that checks all the boxes for improving healthcare: increasing hospital cost savings, improving patient satisfaction, and decreasing length of stay. The surgicalist model improves quality measures by hyper-specializing on inpatient general surgery.  The Surgicalists also benefit with a higher level of clinical satisfaction by dedicating to this inpatient acute care specialty, offering no elective practice and the opportunity for a better work/life balance.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

You can also read Dr. Desai’s interview with Lynn Purdy, Chief Marketing Officer for the Surgicalist Group, in preparation for this podcast here.





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