Surgicalist Program


How it Works for Community Surgeons

When The Surgicalist Group partners with your local hospital, your life as a surgeon will change.

You will have more time to see patients in your office to fill up your elective case load. You will not have to be bothered with the middle of the night surgery, or worse yet have to cancel a full office of patients to tend to a patient with an acute surgical problem. In certain instances there may be an opportunity to partner with us. Based on our years of experience, we have found these changes to be overwhelming positive for the community surgeons involved.

The process is fairly simple:

  • The Surgicalist Group enters into a partnership with your local hospital.
  • Local surgeons are hired to serve as designated surgicalists in your hospital.Their responsibilities will be acute surgeries only; no elective practice. In essence, they take over the responsibility of the acute surgical call duties you were once trying to fit in-between your elective cases.
  • Without these call duties as distraction, you are now free to focus on your elective cases, with the option to increase the amount of elective cases you take if you prefer.


The surgicalists are now offering continual care for acute surgical cases on a 7 day on/7 day off schedule, with a surgicalist on-call 24/7. The acute cases are always covered by this team, and you have your time back to dedicate to your practice and professional development. The goal in The Surgicalist Program is to work on behalf of all stakeholders, and we consider our community surgeons to be one of our four core stakeholders, alongside patients, hospitals, and surgicalists. We are working together to reinvent the acute surgical model, and community surgeons are a part of that venture. Our primary care physicians similarly benefit from this new model, and their experience is better explained below, under “Benefits for PCPs.”

If you are a surgeon interested in becoming a Surgicalist Group surgeon, please call our offices at 888-510-1325 or email


Benefits for Community Surgeons

Surgicalists take on unwanted responsibilities so that surgeons can focus on the core of their practice: More elective cases. They do this with two main benefits:

Relief from Call Responsibilities

Community surgeons know the struggle well: starting the day’s schedule with a list of elective cases, only to be interrupted by unwelcome call duties, doubling the day’s work. Community surgeons are effectively running two practices at once, engaged in a constant balancing act of pursuing their important and valuable elective patients, while trying to fulfill call duties, to the detriment of their personal life and career. Surgicalists are personnel specifically designated to relieve the burden of on call duties, so that surgeons are no longer distracted from their elective patients, and can work fewer nights and weekends if they desire.

Opportunity to Focus on Elective Practice

The opportunity to focus on elective practice is perhaps the most significant reported benefit of The Surgicalist Program to our community surgeon partners. Community surgeons have long struggled to prioritize their valuable elective cases in light of their hospital call responsibilities. The Surgicalist Program allows community surgeons to devote their time to priority cases, which allows them to ultimately do more elective surgeries. This shift in both mindset and practice is welcome by many community surgeons as an opportunity to focus on what’s important to them in their practice. It is not only a positive refocusing, but an opportunity to be more productive in fewer hours every week. Community surgeons regain control of their scheduling, and are able to not only do more of the work they want, but do their work in less time. Surgicalists make a difference, and it is a positive one for their community surgeons.


Benefits for PCPs

There is a central benefit of The Surgicalist Program for all of our primary care physician (PCP) partners. These physicians receive fast and dependable care for their patients that are in need.

When a PCP’s patient enters one of our partner hospitals in need of acute care surgery, that physician knows that needed surgery will happen quickly, and in a reliable manner. Follow-ups are ensured, and continuity of care will occur within the surgicalist team, due to the 24/7 nature of the position. Primary care physicians are aware of how strained the old system has become. These physicians are welcoming the shift, where there is a designated team who may be consistently contacted to discuss acute surgical cases. The system is reliable, with more opportunity for clear communication between PCPs and surgical staff than there often has been in the past. We are eager to partner with PCPs at our local hospitals, and encourage these physicians to get to know the surgicalist team in order to effectively collaborate for best patient outcomes.