Surgicalist Model

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The Surgicalist Model

When a hospital becomes a Surgicalist Group Partner, the relationship is shaped around the unique local needs of the hospital.

With our years of experience establishing surgicalist programs across the nation, our surgicalist model is established and fully scalable, allowing for tailoring of the process to fit the unique needs of our hospital partners. When establishing a new program we discuss individual needs with hospital leadership, and collaborate to bring a program “best fit” to the hospital and local needs of the community. We are able to understand the interests of the community because our surgeons are members of the community themselves. Each hospital is in partnership with local surgicalists, unlike the out-of-town staffing so common with other companies. This element allows us to uniquely meet the demands of acute care surgery centers – surgicalists are available 24/7, performing surgeries as they come, rather than when they can. A comprehensive solution to emergent surgical care, where hospital patients no longer have to wait, and hospital leaders no longer have to worry.



There are measurable benefits to becoming a Surgicalist Group hospital partner. These benefits fall into three main categories:

Improved Patient Outcomes:

Patients who are treated by surgicalists tend to experience shorter wait times, shorter length of stay, and fewer complications. Our surgicalists are available at partner hospitals 24/7; with no competing elective patients of their own, they are available day and night to perform the acute care surgeries quickly and efficiently. This rapid-response timing and continuity of care allows for better performance on the patient care metrics where less is more

Efficient Workflow:

The Surgicalist Program addresses the crucial workflow challenges that are currently hindering ER performance and hurting quality patient care. Surgeon shortages are addressed with continual ED surgery staffing, which reduces transfers. Local surgeons no longer struggle to handle both elective and emergency cases, with increased continuity of care for all patients, and more crucial time off for physicians to allow for higher quality care during time on. Above all, hospital partners who adopt The Surgicalist Program experience better ED and inpatient hospital throughput. Physicians work smarter, not harder, which benefits hospital and patient alike.


We have found through our years of experience that our partner hospitals always experience cost savings as a result of The Surgicalist Program. The process is simple: after initial set-up costs, hospitals are able to transfer fewer patients, and do more surgeries. With increased admissions, revenue and net income increase, translating to a clear, corresponding impact on earnings. Additional benefits include elimination of call coverage stipends, allowing for even more savings to the hospital partner


Why Hire a Surgicalist

The Current System isn’t Working:

Emergency departments are stretched beyond capacity, and the next generation of doctors is responding by electing not to practice surgery. The surgeon shortage can only be addressed with a reinvention of the existing model; without addressing the root causes of the problem, hospitals will struggle to cover their surgical cases, and up-and-coming medical students will heed the warnings of their mentors, choosing a specialty other than surgery.

Our Model Benefits Everyone:

The Surgicalist Group provides a new model, where all stakeholders are able to focus on what’s important to them, and experience significant benefits as a result. Hospital administration is no longer bogged down by issues with ER staffing and workflow, and are now able to stand as a leader in emergency treatment and patient care. Local surgeons are free to perform the elective cases that are priority, without the demands of a call schedule interfering with quality of practice and life. And most of all, patients are able to get the surgery they require in a quick and responsive manner, with continual care during their shortened stay.

Our Model Offers Better Results:

We understand the trepidation involved in adopting a new model—after running a surgical program the same way for so long, how do you know the shift will be worth it? Our results say it all. The Surgicalist Program gets measurable results, and hospitals ultimately benefit from switching models. Read our results and discover our benefits, and join The Surgicalist Group in the most innovative way to provide acute surgical care in the 21st century.