About Us

The Surgicalist Group treats emergent needs with an innovative model of hospital surgical care.


Who We Are

Our company is comprised of local surgicalists who are partnered with leading-edge hospitals.

Together we provide the type of responsive and expert acute surgical care so valued by local patients. Our proven process not only benefits patients with quicker ER response times, but also the hospitals and surgeons involved in the local partnership.

Meet Our Leadership Team


How Our Partners Benefit

Hospitals, surgicalists, PCPs and community surgeons all benefit from our model:

  • Our hospital partners experience reduced costs, better patient throughput, and improved patient outcomes on valuable metrics.
  • Our surgicalist partners experience more manageable schedules, attractive compensation, and an increased quality of life with more time off.
  • PCPs gain reliable and timely care for their patients in need.
  • Community surgeons have greater freedom to perform elective surgeries and relief from call responsibilities, which improves practice quality and amount of time off.


Our Commitment and Experience

As a surgeon-led company, we are acutely aware of the real issues facing all stakeholders in emergent surgical care.

We have partnered with hospitals to deliver this type of care for close to a decade, and practiced surgery both as local surgeons and surgicalists. Our experience in the field allows us to negotiate partnerships that benefit all parties, keeping the patient as primary stakeholder above all. Our commitment to improving patient care with every partnership we pursue is what forms the basis of our model, and the essence of our success. Our focus on results allows us to continually progress with our partners, increasing performance on the most valuable measures while pioneering new ways to practice acute surgery.

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